For National Apprenticeship Week 2023, we catch up with Physiotherapy Assistant Jose Da Costa.

Jose initially joined the STEPS team in July 2019 as a Rehabilitation Assistant before he joined the Therapy team as a Physiotherapy Assistant in January 2021. Prior to this Jose was a professional footballer in Portugal! Jose moved to the UK and worked for Cadburys before moving into his first role in the care sector. Jose has settled into the team amazingly.

When not at work, Jose enjoys playing football with friends and being his son's number one supporter at his football matches! He also likes to go to the gym for fitness exercise.

Q Tell me about your role as a Physiotherapy Assistant?

After leaving my previous job at Cadburys l joined the STEPS team with the desire of pursuing a career in Physiotherapy.

I am now part of the Therapy team who work with physiotherapists helping people every day, assisting with mobility and functional tasks designed to help people move and feel better.

I run sessions designed by physiotherapists, based on building strength, balance and co-ordination and I also oversee clients with the use of equipment and document their progress in reports.

Q Please can you tell us a bit about the Course you are studying (Course name, where you are studying, is this studying done alongside your role at STEPS, how long is the course?)

I am about to start a Physiotherapy Apprenticeship at Sheffield Hallam University and I will be able to study whilst still continuing in my role as a Physiotherapy Assistant.

This course is very practically orientated, so I will get lots of hands-on experience and learn different treatment methods. I am excited to start the course in March.

The course will last for 3 years and during this period l will have 5 placement blocks which will cover different fields of Physiotherapy. The lectures will take place at Sheffield Hallam University where there is specialist equipment and training rooms to develop my skills further.

My course timetable is set in weeks where I am just at the University campus and for approximately 5-6 weeks l am working as a Physiotherapy Assistant at STEPS.

This course matches my purpose to become a Physiotherapist while l am working as a Physiotherapy Assistant at STEPS Rehabilitation. This way of learning will be the best way for me to train because l will be able to apply the knowledge gained through my physiotherapy degree to my workplace and develop my practical skills and clinical reasoning.

Q Once you are qualified do you see your job role at STEPS changing and if so in what way? (#SkillsForLife – how this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career)

On completion of the course, l will be a qualified Physiotherapist and I will have well established clinical skills, which will allow me to help more people. I will be able to diagnose problems, identify solutions and support my colleagues.

Q How have STEPS supported you in your study/dual work role?

STEPS have given me the clinical experience I needed to apply for this course and made me realise l really want to be a Physiotherapist.

STEPS have supported me to access this course and they will not only be funding my studies but will continue to pay me throughout my training. Learning this way will allow me to continue to learn from the STEPS Therapy team while I am studying.