rehabilitation technology

Next generation rehabilitation robotic and VR technology delivered by a team of first-class experts.

STEPS is leading the way in rehab technology and is home to an array of cutting edge robotic and virtual reality rehabilitation equipment. This world-leading technology assists with the intensive rehabilitation for people recovering from brain injury, spinal cord injury, strokes and complex trauma injuries.

The latest research in rehabilitation recognises that the best results are achieved through intensity of treatment. By combining the expertise of our clinicians and therapists with state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology, clients can maximise their progress and optimise their outcomes.

We are the only place in the UK that gives clients access to the full suite of Fourier and MIndMaze rehabilitation robotic and VR technology in a residential setting.

  • RehabHub™ - developed in Singapore by Fourier Intelligence, STEPS is the first place in the UK and only the second in Europe to offer clients access to this pioneering upper and lower limb robotic equipment, delivered in partnership with Thor Technologies.
  • MindMaze –comprises two revolutionary virtual reality equipment, the MindMotion™ and MindMaze. Both were developed in Switzerland, and this trailblazing VR technology helps clients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.
  • Exoskeletons –STEPS is an assessment centre for the ReWalk™, ExoAtlet II and ReStore™

If we think you would benefit from using this specialist equipment as part of your residential rehab programme with us, an assessment will be carried out and a programme for the appropriate equipment will be created.

If you would like to find out more about booking an assessment or trial please contact us here.

STEPS RehabHub
Our unique RehabHub is a state-of-the-art suite of rehab technology which focus on both upper and lower limb robotic therapy, as well as cognitive feedback and training, providing a complete solution for neurorehabilitation.
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STEPS is an assessment centre for a range of exoskeletons, including the ReWalk™ ReStore and ExoAtlet. Exoskeletons are designed to be used by those with spinal cord injuries at home, in the community or as part of a rehabilitation programme. We have many clients at STEPS who use this technology whilst they are with us. A combination of exoskeleton training with other rehabilitation methods improves health and wellbeing.
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MindMaze is a global leader in brain technology that provides digital therapeutic solutions to address the most challenging problems in neurorehabilitation. These immersive therapies promote neurological repair and rehabilitation in brain injured clients.
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Developed by American scientists, Neurofenix, the NeuroBall uses engaging activities and games to support physio repetitions. It trains all key upper limb movements and activities are adapted to client needs and abilities.
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Syrebo™ Hand Rehab Glove
Syrebo™ is a high-tech solution for hand rehabilitation. Using soft robotic exoskeleton technology and insights from neuroscience, Syrebo™ is designed to help clients recover hand motor functions at every stage of rehabilitation. Key Features: Comprehensive Rehabilitation: Syrebo™ combines active and passive training to cover all aspects of hand rehabilitation. It guides clients through a series […]
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Brain Recovery Zone
The ‘Brain Recovery Zone’ is an immersive virtual reality recovery platform, which offers a safe virtual space for people to practice the habits that aid recovery. Clients can choose from 15 different environments, ranging from the Northern Lights to the Hundred Acre Wood of Winnie the Pooh. This virtual reality headset supports brain injury survivors […]
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Assistive Technology
Assistive or enabling technology can help transform the quality of daily life and promote independence. There is an array of assistive technology available, from text-to-speech devices, to voice control devices that close curtains and open doors. The cognitive and motor abilities of every client is unique, therefore deciding what assistive technological would work best for […]
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