Syrebo™ is a high-tech solution for hand rehabilitation. Using soft robotic exoskeleton technology and insights from neuroscience, Syrebo™ is designed to help clients recover hand motor functions at every stage of rehabilitation.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Rehabilitation: Syrebo™ combines active and passive training to cover all aspects of hand rehabilitation. It guides clients through a series of exercises, fostering relearning and recovery of hand motor functions.

Versatile Use: Ideal for clients facing hand dysfunction due to various reasons such as stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy, hand trauma, or orthopaedic surgery.

Functions of Syrebo™ Hand Rehab Gloves:

Passive Training: Syrebo™ aids in passive exercises to gently engage and stimulate hand muscles for gradual improvement.

Innovative Mirror Training: Using cutting-edge mirror training techniques to enhance motor skills and coordination.

Active Game Training: Making rehabilitation fun with interactive games that encourage active hand movements.

Assistance Training: Provides support for hands during exercises, ensuring proper form and minimising strain.

Task-Oriented Training: Tailored exercises to simulate real-life tasks, promoting practical hand function.

Resistance Training: Gradual resistance to build strength and endurance in hand muscles.

Single-Finger, Multiple-Finger Training: Customisable training to target specific areas of the hand for personalised rehabilitation.