Function and freedom for independent living: amputee residential rehabilitation at STEPS Rehabilitation

STEPS Rehabilitation is one of the only private clinics in the UK to offer a residential amputee rehabilitation service in the UK, all delivered under one roof. This unique approach, delivered in partnership with STEPS Prosthetics combines clinical expertise with personalised care, helping our clients return, as near as possible, to their pre – injury level of independence.

Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Team

Our residential rehabilitation programme delivers intensive treatment from a comprehensive interdisciplinary team of neurorehabilitation experts, including Prosthetists, Orthotists, Occupational Therapists, Complex Nursing Care, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Consultant in Anaesthetic and Pain Medicine and Psychologists.

Amputee Residential Rehabilitation

Under the guidance of our interdisciplinary team of experts, clients benefit from intensive amputee rehabilitation programmes designed to meet their individual needs and goals. From the initial assessment post injury, to planning for their transition home and ongoing treatment plans, we’re dedicated to supporting our clients at every stage of their recovery.

On-Site Specialist Workshop

A key advantage at STEPS Rehabilitation is our onsite workshop and specialist prosthetic manufacturing facility, located less than a mile away. This dedicated workshop means clients benefit from the swift provision of their prosthetic or orthotic device whilst also receiving prompt adjustments with minimal disruptions to their rehabilitation programmes.

Assessment and Treatment by Comprehensive IDT

• Prosthetist
• Orthotist
• Amputee Specialist Physiotherapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
• Consultant in Anaesthetic and Pain Medicine
• Psychologist
• Speech and Language Therapist
• Nurse

Additional Treatments Available

• 24-hour nursing care
• Hydrotherapy
• Pilates/yoga/tai chi
• Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
• Acupuncture
• Strength and Conditioning
• Group work
• Re-introduction to sport e.g. running, cycling, climbing, skiing, horse riding

Ongoing Rehabilitation

Treatment plans will be designed to meet each client’s individual rehabilitation goals. The intensive programme will typically run from Monday to Friday with daily one-to-one treatment. On completion of the programme, clients will continue to receive lifelong prosthetic and amputee support from STEPS Prosthetics with further admissions available if required.