Are you looking for a place to receive nursing care and intensive rehabilitation following an accident or illness?

If you or a family member are looking for options for when you leave hospital, or maybe you have gone home and have realised you would benefit from rehabilitation in a residential setting. We provide complex nursing care and a range of therapies led by our Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine. We would suggest you call us to discuss your situation and we can give you more information. We always encourage you to visit and meet our clinical team to find out for yourself what we offer at STEPS and if it would be the best place for you or your family member.

Once you have spoken to us and hopefully visited you can complete the online referral form on our website. This will be picked up by our clinical team who will then contact you to arrange a time for an assessment. This can be carried out in hospital or at STEPS.

Once the assessment is completed with the costs, an admission date can be agreed.

How do I pay?

  • You can self-fund your stay.
  • You may be entitled to NHS 'CCG' funding for your rehabilitation, we can advise you about this.
  • If your injuries are from an accident, do you have a solicitor? Read our blog on choosing a solicitor here. Your solicitor will contact insurers to request funds for a stay with us and arrange for payments to be made.
  • You may have health insurance with your place of work or your spouses place of work.
  • You may be able to claim on other insurance policies.