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Arfon’s Story – Spinal Surgery resulting in Spinal Cord Injury

Arfon Hardy sustained a life changing spinal cord injury as the result of complications of laminectomy surgery. Although a laminectomy is a common surgery, it is a major surgery with significant risks and potential complications. Prior to his injury, Arfon had had a successful career in catering in the merchant navy. He enjoyed his job and loved being […]
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Julian’s Story – Road Traffic Accident resulting in a Brain Injury.

Julian suffered a life-changing brain injury when he was knocked over by a moped as he was crossing the road using a pedestrian crossing in May 2017. The accident resulted in him sustaining an open skull fracture, subarachnoid haemorrhage, and subdural hematoma. This case study, written in April 2021, provides an account of his rehabilitation […]
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Luka’s Story – Below knee amputation following an injury at work.

In October 2019, Luka was tasked with cleaning a piece of machinery at the factory where he was working in East Yorkshire, when his leg was dragged into the equipment and he suffered a traumatic below knee amputation. Luka was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary where he underwent a number of surgeries and received treatment […]
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Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation.

The medicinal and therapeutic properties of water have been celebrated for centuries. Being in water brings with it an array of both physical and mental benefits, which is why our hydrotherapy pool and aquatic therapy sessions are much loved by clients. In this article, we explain the benefits of aquatic therapy and share the experience […]
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Aquatic Physiotherapy in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation: a case study and technical article on aquatic treatment.

Aquatic Physiotherapy Aquatic physiotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic modalities used in the treatment/management of physical dysfunction, but despite an extensive research base it remains underused in rehabilitation. (Becker, 2009). Aquatic physiotherapy is a therapy programme utilising the properties of water, designed by a suitably qualified physiotherapist specifically for an individual to maximise function, […]
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Kevin Bateman – Car accident leading to severe brain injury.

Kevin Bateman was 34 years old when, in February 2018, a lorry crashed into his car on the A38 causing him to sustain a life-threatening brain injury. It was only the previous week that he and his girlfriend, Vicki, learnt they were expecting their first baby. At the time of the accident they had yet […]
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Ben’s Story – Accident at work resulting in below knee amputation.

Ben Amis suffered a life changing injury when an accident at work in July 2015, left him with a crushed foot. This case study provides an account of his rehabilitation journey since his amputation surgery and his plans for the future. Accident at work resulting in below knee amputation Ben was 30 years old when […]
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