Christian suffered a life-changing injury when he was hit by a car, whilst riding his motorbike to work in August 2020, just 14 days after his 25th birthday. The accident resulted in him needing an elective below knee amputation.

This case study, written in April 2021, provides an account of his rehabilitation journey so far and his hopes for the future.

RTA resulting in a below knee amputation.

Christian was 25 years old, working as a Security Guard for TV Productions, Festivals and Concerts. He was travelling to work on his motorbike when he was hit by a car. He was taken to the local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. Christian remained in hospital for 2 months and during this time, alternative options were discussed in regard to his severely injured right leg. Christian chose not to undergo ankle fusion surgery and underwent an elective below knee amputation.

Residential Amputee Rehabilitation.

Following his amputation, Christian did some research as to where he could go to receive intensive rehabilitation for amputees. Sue Brown, Christian’s case manager recommended STEPS Rehabilitation and his solicitor, Gerard Horton, from Fletchers Solicitors sought funds through Christian’s claims to make this possible.

After researching STEPS, he knew it was the place for him and he came to STEPS in October 2020, moving into the Transitional living Unit at STEPS

As the only clinic in the UK that offers a residential amputee and orthotic rehabilitation service all under one roof, STEPS was the perfect fit for Christian.

As a residential client, Christian has a tailored rehabilitation programme which includes amputee specialist physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pain management, hydrotherapy, and psychology sessions.

The amputee service at STEPS is delivered in partnership with the Blatchford group, who have worked swiftly to get the correct prosthetic for Christian. This has helped Christian to improve not only his mobility and independence, but also his overall wellbeing.


STEPS has created a unique environment, where clients can access a wide range of therapies and clinical expertise in a non-clinical environment. They benefit from intensive 1-2-1 sessions, group therapy sessions and additional activities to make sure they never get bored!

Clients, like Christian, benefit from the comfortable, modern environment and is like no other care facility.

“I have never felt alone at STEPS, everyone gets along so well. The social side of STEPS and the friendships I have made, have been just as important as my rehabilitation. I’ve even been able to have my dog come and visit me, which has been a huge morale boost and means everything to me.”

What next for Christian?

In just 9 months, Christian has achieved so much and reached many of his rehabilitation and recovery goals.

He has adapted to his new prosthetic leg and is looking ahead to the future, “At this stage I am debating what I may or may not be able to do. I may return to University to study or I may return back to work if I can.”

Christian’s recovery is testament to his positivity and dedication to his rehabilitation at STEPS. The impact of intensive amputee rehabilitation, delivered in collaboration with prosthetic experts is evident, with Christian’s clinical outcomes greatly improved – helping him to return to an improved level of independence.

“STEPS means the world to me and I cannot thank them enough. The whole team have worked so hard to get to where I am today, and I have made friends who have supported me throughout my entire journey that I will stay in touch with forever. You never feel alone at STEPS.”


You can view Christian's video case study here.