STEPS work in partnership with the client, family and all professionals including case managers to develop an individual rehabilitation programme.

Although STEPS work outside of the medico legal framework we have an awareness of the need to have an open, honest relationship with all legal professionals involved and take a holistic approach to the care of each client, with an understanding and appreciation of their legal case.

We encourage and support a collaborative way of working between us, instructing parties and case managers.

We have a link to case management services and a lead professional that is highly experienced in the field of case management. We can provide initial pre admission assessments and costs on request.

STEPS are experienced in working with clients going through the litigation process. We understand the needs of case mangers and provide ongoing feedback regarding each clients recovery process.

Case Managers are invited to review meetings and are welcome to visit their clients at any time.

STEPS produce rehabilitation plans that work toward individual goals as agreed with the client. These can be continued to the next stage of rehabilitation within the community.

Information and updates are provided that demonstrate the clients progress and we will work alongside you to support discharge procedures.