All our bedrooms are individually furnished with their own ensuite wet room and can be specifically adapted for different levels of independence. We have 23 individual bedrooms, 4 bedrooms as part of our transitional living unit and 1 independent/supported living apartment. Together, they enable us to provide the complete care pathway. We offer a pre-admission assessment (travel charges may be applied). This will allow us to design an individualised rehabilitation package.

All rehabilitation package prices include:

Accommodation and meals


Medical (GP and Rehabilitation Medicine Consultants) and nursing care

Access to multiple group activities

A 24-hour approach to rehabilitation through all care and support that is provided by our team of rehabilitation assistants and nurses

Each rehabilitation package can include these therapies:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Aquatic therapy (if appropriate)
  • Speech and Language Therapy and Psychology Services as required
  • Neurologic Music Therapy
  • Neuro Psychology
  • Robotic and VR rehabilitation sessions

Packages are suitable for clients requiring rehabilitation for:

• neurological conditions including traumatic brain injury and stroke

• complex trauma including multiple orthopaedic injuries

• spinal cord injury

• post amputation

• post-surgery recovery

• pain management

• cancer rehabilitation

Active respite package:

Active respite packages are suitable for people living with a long-term condition/disability or following surgery such as joint replacement, a flare up of a chronic illness or oncology treatment. This package offers clients and carers a break from usual routines, whilst providing a therapeutic approach to daily living. Our team of therapists and nurses will complete assessments and work with you to ensure that the approach is maintained throughout all interventions to maximise independence during your stay. This can then be continued once you return to home. This package is suitable for clients who have survived a spinal cord injury or a stroke or long term neurological conditions such as the following:

• multiple sclerosis

• motor neurone disease

• muscular dystrophy

• Parkinson’s disease