If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please email to hello@stepsrehabilitation.co.uk and we will attempt to respond within 24 hours. If your query is more urgent, call 0114 258 7769.

STEPS is a state-of-the-art,  intensive neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation centre for individuals from the age of 16. STEPS enable clients to reach their full potential, with the aim of returning home and/or to work as soon as possible. We provide residential and day rehabilitation.

Please go to our facilities  and therapies page for more details.

This means you will be with us for a period of time which will vary depending on the amount of rehabilitation you need and the progress you are making. Each person is unique and will progress at their own pace. The “intensive” part refers to the amount of therapy sessions you will have. These will be daily, usually 4 on week days and 2 at the weekend. In addition to the personalised sessions there will be group activities, and a chance to get involved with every day activities essential to promoting your independence such as cleaning your room, doing your laundry and cooking your favourite foods! Your whole stay will focused around maximising your independence and ensuring you reach your potential.

We can provide complex nursing care including tracheostomy care and PEG feeding. We can not provide nursing care for ventilated patients, those with an NG tube or on IV medication.

STEPS is registered with the Care Quality Commission under the Care Standards Act 2000, amended by the Health & Social Care Act 2003 and complies with the Private & Voluntary Health Care (England) Regulations 2001.

We are approved members of INPA (Independent Neurological providers Alliance)

Your doctor can complete a referral form online or call us to discuss your case on 0114 258 7766.

The NHS will pay for services such as ours if you meet their requirements. This is usually arranged when you are medically stable and ready to leave hospital. The hospital discharge team will recommend discharge to a suitable facility for patients requiring ongoing care and rehabilitation. Each case is considered for funding on an individual basis. If you are not in hospital speak to your GP about an ‘individual funding request’. We can give you more information on this process.

There may be some cover available for the services we provide. If you have private healthcare please check with your provider and see if you are eligible. Please email us for any specific advice.

You or a family member can make a referral to our service, you do not need to be a medical professional.

Information on costs will be available following an assessment by our clinical team and will depend on which care package is right for you. We will contact you to arrange an assessment as soon as we have received your referral form.

Please complete the referral form

Items for personal use such as toiletries, newspapers, food and drinks for your visitors, hair cuts and beauty treatments will be an additional charge.

In addition, we will charge for any specific items needed for your mobility e.g. walking aids, orthotics and FES equipment or botox treatment.

When we assess you prior to your admission we will make a plan and estimate your length of stay. This could be anything from a few weeks to many months. We will monitor your progress weekly and as long as we feel that you are benefitting from the care and rehabilitation we are providing and if your funding is in place, you will be able to remain with us.

We also offer day rehabilitation.

We do not provide permanent care.

We have a full range of therapies on offer, the therapies you will have at STEPS will depend on your individual needs and goals.

Please go to our Therapies page for more details each therapy.

The sessions will vary in length depending on your stamina. On average we would expect them to last 45 mins to an hour.

You will have very full days of various therapy sessions and your own personal timetable, so you and your visitors can plan a visit at a time around your schedule. Generally evenings and weekends will be the best time to have visitors. We will always try and be flexible and accommodate your visitors who we know play a key role in your rehabilitation, however, your work and therapy programme will be will be our ultimate priority.

At the weekend there will still be therapy and group sessions to attend but this will usually be a half day so you will have more time for visitors or even for them to take you out if possible.

We can sometimes facilitate this and do have some spare beds that can be set up in your room. There is a charge for this so please speak to the reception team and they will arrange for someone to speak to you.

(Please note during the current Covid-19 outbreaks we are not able to facilitate guest over-night stays.)

There are a number of good local B&Bs and hotels nearby that we can suggest.

Yes all requirements can be catered for. In the first 24 hours after you arrive, one of our chefs will come and meet you to discuss your diet.

In recognition that some clients may choose to continue to smoke whilst undergoing residential rehabilitation, STEPS has designed and built and smoking area with shelter. The aim of this is to ensure some level of safety and comfort for our clients in a designated risk assessed area. The Smoking area and shelter can be located at the rear of the building via the exit door next to the Salon. This area is fully accessible to all clients who wish to use it. Any external visitors or family and friends must smoke off-site.

Yes, you can cook for yourself in one of the communal kitchens, you can ask the Chefs to provide the ingredients you need or you can shop for your own food with or without some help from one of the team. You can eat in the café area on the ground floor, in one of the 3 kitchen areas on floor 1 and 2 or in your bedroom if you prefer this. You may store your own food in one of the communal kitchens. There are cupboards and fridges that may be used, depending on the items. Please label your food with your name and date if putting in the fridge. Due to food and hygiene regulations, STEPS Rehabilitation are unable take responsibility for any food/meals that have not been cooked correctly and thoroughly.

All your food and drink is provided as part of your stay with us so we would encourage you to not bring in from home. If you do not fancy anything on our menu and you would like to make special requests to the kitchen team, please speak to one of our hospitality hosts to arrange this. If your family or friends do bring food in, we can provide you with stickers to label your food with your name and a date. Please ask one of the housekeeping team for these. Due to food and hygiene regulations, STEPS Rehabilitation are unable take responsibility for any food/meals that have been prepared and cooked off site, and then re heated on site for a client to consume.

Yes, the TV in your bedroom and in the communal areas are all smart TVs and you can log into your personal streaming accounts. You can also have your own games consoles in your bedroom, if you need assistance setting these up just ask.

We have Bluetooth speakers in the communal areas for you to play music so please ask a member of the team if you can connect to this to play your music or the radio. You can also play music in your bedroom via your TV or your own speaker. We ask you to respect your fellow residents and keep the volume at a reasonable level and use earphones late at night etc.