“top notch 5* plus A** I am very impressed with the facility and staff
Top notch 5* plus A** I am very impressed with the facility and staff. I didn’t have any initial expectations, I was just wondering why I was choosing to stop my life for 5 weeks to come into STEPS. I settled in very quickly and the timetables give a good structure. If I'm not happy with anything, the team are happy to change it. Vicki has been my main contact and Kostas my main therapist.
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M - residential amputee client
STEPS staff went over and above...

STEPS staff went over and above to ensure that my client settled in there, even ensuring that there was an afternoon tea and cake to celebrate his 21st birthday the first week there.

From a case manager
A very positive experience each and every time

I have had a very positive experience each and every time that we have used STEPS services for our clients. They are proactive and always fulfil the promises made at the time of accepting the bed.

Amy Iddon, Senior Case Manager at Horton Tower Ltd
I feel that any client would be lucky to be placed here...

I feel that any client would be lucky to be placed here with their dedication and full understanding of the client and family needs and ensuring their safety is paramount in all decisions made.

From a case manager
...always responsive to client's welfare and needs

The whole team, both clinical and non-clinical, are always professional and responsive to client’s welfare and needs. Open lines of communication between the team are encouraged, and I as a case manager have always found them to respond quickly, provide clear information, for all rehab programmes to be goal focussed and detailed updates on progress provided.

From a case manager

From a case manager
I am totally blown away...

I am totally blown away by the effort and positive mindset of the clinicians and support staff. My client will shortly return home and is now in the best possible place, both mentally and physically to embark upon the next exciting chapter of his life.

From a visiting case manager
Clients that I saw reported feeling psychologically well adjusted
Thank you for the opportunity to visit and work with such an amazing and professional team at STEPS. I work in many NHS specialist units and I find clients/patients at your rehabilitation centre report feeling well supported and feel so comfortable in their surroundings, this is refreshing.
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From a visiting professional
I can say, quite honestly, that my every need was anticipated, met and catered for.
I would like to thank you and everyone else in the STEPS team for the wonderful level of care, support and encouragement I received during my time with your organisation. We both feel I have benefited greatly from my stay.
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John - Residential client who suffered a stroke
I was able to see a lot of the building and I was very impressed

I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback from my visit to STEPS to meet with my client today.

Whilst I didn’t get a full tour, I was able to see a lot of the building and I was very impressed. The facilities are beautiful and *** room is amazing. He is telling everyone that he is in the wheelchair hotel.

He genuinely didn’t have a bad word to say about the place, the people, the food, the therapy etc. Everything was positive and I think that you guys have made him see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for him now. I was particularly impressed with the responsiveness of the care staff….having run that type of facility, I know how hard it is to have people on hand all the time to make sure that client’s get what they need as soon as they need it and you seem to be striking that balance really well.

Thank you all for restoring *** faith in the system.

Case Manager for a client with a spinal cord injury
The environment at STEPS is very comfortable and calm
It has almost reprogrammed me and changed the way I now think about myself. I never used to want to use my wheelchair and now I feel ok to use it and it doesn’t mean I am not independent. The environment at STEPS is very comfortable and calm. It’s busy but calm and relaxed at the same time.
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Ben (Client who suffered a traumatic amputation)