top notch 5* plus A** I am very impressed with the facility and staff. I didn’t have any initial expectations, I was just wondering why I was choosing to stop my life for 5 weeks to come into STEPS. I settled in very quickly and the timetables give a good structure. If I'm not happy with anything, the team are happy to change it. Vicki has been my main contact and Kostas my main therapist.

The apartment is seen as a ' step up' and giving more privacy and independence - should be renamed ' The Hilton Suite! ' I feel safe and well cared for. You have a great team of staff here at all levels, from management all the way through- STEPS have got it just right. The team go over and above for everyone.

STEPS provided me with a safe environment to try my new prosthetic - it’s fantastic that there’s a group of people who all support each other- people with similar experiences, sharing tips and ideas. People that have been through a similar journey, that gives an extra dimension that you just wouldn’t get if you weren't residential. Clients encourage each other, so become part of your therapy. Having the cafe space encourages us to be social - it’s a nice space.

Housekeeping is spot on - the staff are very considerate when they come into the room, as are all the STEPS team. A couple of nurses to shout out - Vicki & Emma. There are elements that make STEPS feel hospital like but also elements that are hotel / spa like! It has a relaxed experience. The staff are genuinely themselves - not being told how to behave. I was doubled in pain when I came here and if I hadn’t had intervention, I really think I would be crashing now. I am more supple, can move more freely. My pain was a 6 when I arrived and is now a 3! I can communicate and move - I feel like 'Me' again - More human! STEPS has saved me!