We work alongside those who look after the affairs of adults who lack the capacity to make their own decisions. Whether you’re a family member, friend or professional in this role, we will help you to make ‘best interest’ decisions about their rehabilitation care.


Our ethos of taking a holistic approach to the care of a person includes collaborating with all of those connected with them to ensure that their health needs are met. We embrace open and transparent communications and aim to secure the very best results for clients. We allow all those involved in the care of our client access to the inter-disciplinary team (ITD) meetings, as well as lead clinicians.

We understand that acting as a Deputy can be a difficult and big responsibility, especially if it also involves managing another person’s finances. Our experienced managers will advise you on the financial implications of a client’s rehabilitation and devise plans and packages to fit with budgets.


The medical and rehabilitation needs of individuals can vary immensely. Whether a client has been injured or suffered a debilitating medical condition, we will assess and consider all aspects of their rehabilitation needs across a range of specialisms. We have specific expertise in caring for residential and day clients who have suffered from a stroke, FND, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, brain and orthopaedic injuries.

Clinical staff and therapists

Our experienced team deliver inter-disciplinary rehabilitation care for those with the most complex needs. We are one of only a very small number of rehabilitation centres who offer a range of medical treatment and therapies under one roof. We find this means clients are better engaged in the rehabilitation process which helps achieve optimum results.

At a glance

Average Cost
Average cost per week (residential)£7,500 to £8,500
Average cost per day (day time rehab)Price available on request (limited availability)