The ‘Brain Recovery Zone’ is an immersive virtual reality recovery platform, which offers a safe virtual space for people to practice the habits that aid recovery. Clients can choose from 15 different environments, ranging from the Northern Lights to the Hundred Acre Wood of Winnie the Pooh.

This virtual reality headset supports brain injury survivors from an early stage in their recovery and has been specifically designed to increase capability to manage fatigue, improve speech and mood and stabilise emotions.

Mindfulness, controlled breathing and meditation experiences are also offered, alongside education through animation, which takes survivors on journeys through the brain to explain brain injury and stroke.

Developed by Dr Abayomi Salawu, a rehabilitation medicine consultant, and consultant clinical neuropsychologist, Dr Katherine Dawson, Brain Recovery Zone uses VR technology to improve client engagement with their neurorehabilitation programme.

"Practicing new and challenging activities is a key component for building and maintaining cognitive skills. The brain still has the functional ability to do this even after injury. However, for it to do so, training and practise on a regular basis is required. Conventional means of practice are often boring and unchallenging for patients. Virtual Reality offers a means to create an enabling environment for regular practice. Brain Recovery Zone VR app incorporates therapeutic programmes based on validated clinical principles to support recovery following brain injury." - Dr Abayomi Salawu