Developed by DPE Medical Ltd, the DST Triple Sense Parallel Bars combine three devices into one innovative solution. The Parallel Bars includes an adjustable staircase for navigating steps, an inclined walking surface for varied terrain simulation, and a full horizontal bar.

By mimicking everyday urban environments, clients can effectively train and practice diverse slopes, stairs, and gaits seamlessly.

The DST Triple Sense combines essential gait functions—flat-surface walking, stair climbing, and slope negotiation—and also incorporates advanced pressure mapping technology, empowering physiotherapists to deliver evidence-based treatments, diagnose impairments accurately, and monitor the progress made by the client.

We were joined by Thor Assistive Technologies alongside Ofer and Rachel from DPE Medical Ltd for the first UK installation of the DST Triple Sense Parallel Bars, including training for our team.

Benefits of the DST Triple Parallel Bars

The Parallel Bars offer a comprehensive solution for diagnosing impairments and guiding treatment plans, with the ability to track the client’s progress. Real-time biofeedback enables the physiotherapist to research movement patterns and balance defects on a user-friendly interface for a comprehensive view of the clients’ current state and progress over the time.  

This space saving device replaces a fixed staircase, slope and parallel bars and will be accessible to clients in our therapy gym.

We are dedicated to identifying and adding innovative cutting-edge equipment such as the Luna EMG and the DST Triple Sense Parallel Bars to our suite of technologies and therapies available at STEPS Rehabilitation, reflecting our commitment to providing the latest in neurorehabilitation and enhancing our clients’ outcomes.