Developed by EgzoTech, the Luna EMG represents a revolutionary step in the world of rehabilitation, using reactive electromyography to train the sensorimotor cortex.

After delivering our workshop, 'How Advancing Technologies Complement Clinical Practice in Specialist Residential Rehabilitation; An Exploration of Practical Application and Protocol Development,' during Rehab Week 2024 in Singapore, our team had the opportunity to meet with the EgzoTech team and organise a trial period for the Luna EMG at STEPS Rehabilitation.

This trial, the third of its kind in the UK, was facilitated by Stephen Ruffle, Commercial Director of Thor Assistive Technologies, who also provided initial training to our therapy team and highlighted the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

We are thrilled to welcome the Luna EMG to our suite of robotics at STEPS Rehabilitation and to be working in collaboration with EGZOTech to make this equipment available to our clients. We were delighted to host Milena Wojdalska, the international sales manager, who provided in-depth training to our therapy team on the use of this innovative technology.

Milena Wojdalska, international sales manager at EgzoTech, providing in-depth training to our therapy team on the use of this innovative technology.

The Luna EMG

The Luna EMG offers various modes catering to different rehabilitation needs, including orthopaedic, neurorehabilitation, bio-feedback, and gaming modes. The most important part of the Luna EMG is electromyography (EMG) function, which interprets electrical signals from the brain to muscles, translating a user’s intended movements into tangible actions. Luna then rewards the user with controlled movement.

The Luna EMG has six different body attachments, enabling training for major joints of the body like the hand/wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle.

Luna EMG's adaptability makes it a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of clients and can be used to treat clients requiring neuro rehabilitation, following a stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord Injury. It can also be used for individuals recovering from a sports injury and undergoing orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Benefits of Luna EMG

Repetitions and exercise dosage are integral to effective rehabilitation, and Luna EMG excels in this aspect. With robotic assistance, the number of repetitions during each session can be swiftly increased, making rehabilitation more effective. The addition of EMG technology adds a new dimension to training, allowing clients to witness the direct connection between their brain's signals and physical movement. This not only reinforces motivation but also aids in neuroplasticity—the brain's ability to recover and form new neural pathways. EMG technology creates a neural loop that enhances the brain's capacity to heal and adapt.