Gemma has grown up in Sheffield. She has completed She joined the STEPS team as a rehabilitation assistant in 2018 after completing her A levels in Art, Geography and Sociology. She studied Art at college this encouraged her to be creative and explore the different areas of art, such as fine art, animation, photography, graphic design etc. Gemma went on to study fine art which allowed her to use such a wide range of materials. (She did this in order to study art at Uni but then changed my mind) Gemma went on to complete a TEFL CELTA course at the University of Sheffield in order to teach English as a foreign language abroad. Gemma now enjoys volunteering as an English teacher to international students, who come from all over the world.

She has continued to work part-time around her studies.
When not at work, Gemma likes to go to the gym as often as she can and loves to cook. She loves spending time with friends whether that’s going to the pub, chilling in the garden, walking or cooking for each other etc! She likes to read and draw too. Gemma is teaching herself Greek and Spanish at the moment. She really loves travelling and this is what she really wants to do in the future.