Jannat joined the STEPS team in October 2023, having previously worked as an agency Rehabilitation Assistant. Jannat is an aspirant Doctor from Bangladesh who was continuing her training in Medical Oncology until 2022. She moved to the UK with her husband in August 2022 to pursue their higher degree and to become a practitioner in the UK. Currently she is preparing for her PLAB/MRCP examination. 

Jannat describes herself as a “very friendly and social person.” She loves to stay among the people in need so that she can help them out. This is what inspired her to join the STEPS and be a proud part of the team.

Jannat’s hobbies include travelling and cooking. She loves to cook for the people she loves.  Her favourite food is Kacchi Biriyani a traditional food of Bangladesh. Jannat also enjoys her leisure time with family and loves to play table tennis and basketball.