Kini joined the STEPS team in November 2021. She was born on the Ivory Coast and then moved to Italy in 2005 after getting married. Kini worked for a magazine company as a collector gadget and travelled to many different places while in the role. She loved her job because it required attention to detail which Kini loves. Kini decided to change direction with her career and began working as a care assistant in private care where she gained lots of experience. She loved living in Italy and found life was beautiful and calm. Kini now had children and felt it was the right time to move again and so then decided to move to England in 2017 to work and provide a better life for her children.

When not at work, Kini enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 marvellous boys! She loves travelling and time to relax. Kini also enjoys singing when cooking and going for long walks. She loves supporting charities and will do this in her spare time.

She feels happy when people around her are happy!