Her expertise is in the areas of sexual issues related to spinal cord injury and the strains on a relationship that SCI may bring with it. 

Her long-term aim is focused on the development of a comprehensive sexual education programme within rehabilitation centres and care agencies.

Michelle believes it is necessary to address the issue of how important sexuality is after a spinal cord injury, knowing that this aspect is often neglected, with the focus being on physical issues. A supportive and informative environment is established where people can explore their own ideas, practice tasks that are given in therapy, at home, and discuss feelings and concerns around their sexuality promoting them to ask questions they may not have felt they could.

Michelle currently provides education and therapy programmes to clients and team at STEPS Rehabilitation in Sheffield. Her work enables the clinical team to feel more comfortable in opening up these conversations with their clients and helps the STEPS clients and their partners with feelings about embarking on a different intimate life.

Currently, Michelle is working actively with The Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology as a Tutor, Cauda Equina Champions Charity, Enhance UK advising on their Love Lounge, The Back Up Trust, Private Clients, Case Managers, Solicitors and SHADA (Sexual Health disability alliance.

Previously Michelle has worked at Stoke Mandeville for 9 years (the trip from Lancashire became too much)! Stanmore, Southport, Belfast and Oswestry.

Michelle is proud to have been part of a research project that was published, looking at women’s experiences of sexuality after SCI. A full copy of the research can be found in the November 2018 issue of Spinal Cord journal.

Most recently Michelle was Co-Chair and founder of the Love Abilities Global Festival.

The world’s first virtual festival of love, sex, and intimacy for disabled people consisting of 29 sessions and 50 presenters.