René had a successful career as a PE and English Teacher for many years, reaching the level of Head of Department in PE and working in schools in both Sheffield and the North East of England.  He stepped out of teaching to pursue other interests. As a third-generation caterer of Italian and Irish descent, Rene has always been in and around restaurants and food establishments starting, with his “Nonnas” (grandma in Italian) delicatessen’ and food store in Moderna, Italy – the home of Ferrari, and inspiration for his family’s renowned, Sheffield based restaurant.

Since formally leaving teaching, Rene has worked in a variety of roles, working with disadvantaged young people in both the public and private sector; as well as running his own Award-winning Café.

Being born and bred in the City, René has a deep love of Sheffield and, when not at work, enjoys reading about and immersing himself in its rich history. A fervent member of the recent ‘Save the Trees’ campaign, he is most definitely “Proud of his City”. As well as history, René has a love of architecture, antiques and long walks in the Countryside. Although of Italian heritage, he loves nothing better than being in Majorca, enjoying time in the sun, with his wife and 2 children.