We spoke to our Rehabilitation Assistant, Kerrie Bingham and asked her what a typical day as a Rehabilitation Assistant at STEPS looks like.

"The role of rehabilitation assistant is particularly rewarding and important as I have the responsibility of actively participating in the client’s care and daily therapeutic plans, building relationships with the clients to help improve their emotional, social and physical well-being.

My role involves assisting the client with personal care and hygiene; for example, a busy morning routine includes helping the client to get ready for their busy day ahead in rehabilitation, such as assisting them to get washed, dressed, eating breakfast and completing any mental or physical therapeutic procedures they require in the morning. Examples of these include; lower or upper limb stretches, FES procedures, oral care and spirometry, swallow stimulation and orientation tasks. As a rehabilitation assistant I also work closely with the nursing team, to complete these daily tasks. The team at STEPS work incredibly hard together and I have always received support where needed. It is also rewarding in the morning as a rehabilitation assistant to socialise with the clients whilst carrying out their routine, many clients like to listen to music or enjoy communicating with you whilst completing personal care, it helps to create a positive atmosphere and helps motivate them for the day ahead.

Once the clients are ready for their first scheduled programme, it is my responsibility to make sure they arrive to their first session on time. These sessions include Physio; as a rehabilitation assistant you can actively be involved, working closely with the Physiotherapist to successfully complete the client’s programme. For example, I would help to transfer the client if required, assist with equipment, follow instructions to help position the client, assist poolside during Hydrotherapy and I would give support and reassurance throughout the task. Other daily programmes I would help to assist in include; Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy.

I feel privileged to work with such friendly and enthusiastic members of staff who specialise in different areas and feel lucky going to work each day knowing I am constantly learning and building my own personal skills, which I can then use to help the clients achieve optimum results.

Further daily tasks include rehabilitation assistant specific activities; as a rehabilitation assistant you can give the client the freedom to choose a specific activity they would like to complete with you. Examples of these include; playing games, gardening, baking and creating art. I enjoy interacting closely with the client’s through these personal activities, as it gives me the time to socialise with the client on a one to one level, helping to enhance this relationship with the client through a relaxed and fun environment. Alternative activities which also help to build trust with the clients include assisting them with their daily exercise programmes, this helps you learn and recognise the client’s strengths and weaknesses whilst helping to adapt your own skills such as leadership and communication.

This is only a glimpse into the busy life of a rehabilitation assistant. This pivotal role allows you to work as part of a highly specialised multi-disciplinary team to help achieve optimum recovery for all clients, whilst also interacting with their families and friends. I feel so lucky going to work each day knowing that I am making a difference to people’s lives, whilst also making a difference to mine. It is so rewarding to know you are a key part of a client’s rehabilitation journey, enhancing their quality of life and independence, through hard work and laughter along the way."