Dr Ed Hudson returns home! Ed was only 23 years old when he was knocked off his bike by a motorist in Nottingham in February 2018.

Despite being a low impact collision, Ed sustained a fractured and dislocated neck (C4/5) which required extensive surgery.

He arrived at STEPS in September 2018 to start his rehabilitation journey, and on the 17th May 2019, Ed left STEPS and moved into his newly adapted bungalow in Burton Joyce, Nottingham, with his girlfriend Izzy.

Preparing to go home

Following 8 months in hospital and another 9 months of intensive rehabilitation at STEPS, it was vital that Ed not only had suitable accommodation ready, but that he also had a physio routine ready for his transition home.

During the last few months of his stay at STEPS, the physio’s worked with Ed to ‘fine-tune’ his routine, ensuring it was suitable for him to continue with once home and in the care of his personal assistants.

Once the physio programme was finalised, the team from STEPS spent time teaching this to Ed’s personal assistants so that they could support him with it at home.

Prior to him leaving, and with the input of the physios, occupational therapists and his spinal injury consultant Mr Thumbikat at STEPS, Ed was also able to trial a number of pieces of equipment in preparation for his return home and ongoing rehabilitation, something that simply wouldn’t have been possible had he not been at specialist residential facility like STEPS.

Equipment Ed was able to trial at STEPS:

  • FES Bikes
  • Portable FES Machines
  • Standing Frames
  • Postural Seating
  • Sit to Stand Chairs
  • Berkel Bike
  • Peristeen Colonic Irrigation System

This has allowed Ed to choose the equipment he needed to make the transition home as easy as possible, including a BOMA all terrain mobility wheelchair which is currently on order!

“I was living the life I wanted to live at STEPS, which, thanks to their help, I’m now able to do at home.”

Ed’s Case Manager, Katie Ryall has been integral to his return home, working closely with the team at STEPS and Steven Docker Associates to ensure Ed’s new home was fully equipped and ready for him to move into.

With a forward-thinking team around him and a vast pool of experience, Ed had the solutions that he was happy with and felt well prepared for the transition from rehab to home.

“Going home doesn’t have to be terrible.”

Steven Docker Associates

Ed had already been discharged from hospital to begin his rehabilitation at STEPS, when Tom Docker from Steven Docker Associates, specialists in the accommodation needs of disabled individuals, received instructions from Ed’s Solicitor, David Tomlinson, and the insurance company, under The Rehabilitation Code.

Steven Docker Associates were instructed to carry out a search for a suitable rental property within the Nottingham area, that could be adapted to meet Ed’s immediate needs and enable him to continue with his rehabilitation following discharge from STEPS.

Working closely with Ed’s Case Manager, Katie Ryall and his girlfriend Izzy, Tom and his team set about undertaking an extensive search of the rental property market within the area. From a small selection of potentially suitable properties, the team from Steven Docker Associates identified this bungalow as being the most suitable for adaptation to meet Ed’s needs…

Plans were then prepared which illustrated the existing floor layout, together with adaptation proposals as to how the property could be adapted; which were developed in consultation with Ed, Izzy and his Case Manager.

Tom points out that with rental properties it is necessary to find a landlord who is willing to allow the necessary adaptations to be carried out, not just a potentially suitable property.

Fortunately, the landlords were amenable to allowing their property to be adapted having met with Izzy, Tom, and Ed’s Solicitor, David.

“We were able to explain the process and why it was so important that the property could be adapted as proposed”.

Once the designs had been decided upon, the team at Steven Docker Associates prepared a detailed Specification of Works and dealt with finding a suitably experienced building contractor.

The adaptations included creating an appropriate size wet room off what is now Ed and Izzy’s Bedroom (within the attached garage), external doors from the bedroom, installation of a ceiling track hoist, forming level access, widening doorways, conversion of space within the bungalow to provide a Bedsitting Room, with Kitchenette and Shower Room, together with a Dayroom/Office for Ed’s carers, and suitable flooring throughout. A canopy was also formed to provide Ed with a covered link to/from the bungalow.

Steven Docker Associates managed the project through from inception to completion; ensuring the works were completed on time and in budget. They also undertook a detailed VAT assessment upon completion of the works to ensure account was taken of any and all disability related zero-rated items.

What next for Ed?

Now back at home, near to their friends and family, Ed and Izzy are never short of visitors!

In the 6 weeks since transitioning home, Ed has been settling into his new home and managing his care.

He continues to visit STEPS every 6-8 weeks for rehabilitation, staying at the facility for 3 days and 3 nights to maximise his rehabilitation potential.

“Because STEPS are familiar with me, they’re already aware of my goals and physio programme. I tend to email ahead and let them know what I’d like to achieve from each visit. I’m keen to keep trying new things and to continue with FES.”

By continuing with regular visits to STEPS, Ed also has the opportunity to see his Consultant Spinal Surgeon Dr Pradeep Thumbikat on a regular basis.

Ed plans to apply for a PhD and is keen to work with the Spinal Cord Injuries Association as part of their peer support service. He is also keen to share his story and intends to do so via a podcast and blog.

On the 24th October Ed will be the guest speaker at a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Conference in Leeds, where he will discuss his injury, treatment and rehabilitation and be demonstrating an exoskeleton suit!