During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CQC has not been routinely inspecting services, and has instead been maintaining contact with providers through existing monitoring arrangements and engagement and support calls.

Our Registered Manager, Rebecca Stephenson has completed the engagement and support call with our local CQC inspector.

In the four areas assessed; Safe Care and Management, Staffing Arrangements, Protection from Abuse and Assurance Processes, Monitoring and Risk Management, we are delighted that the report found that we have implemented best practice and effectively and safely managed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The summary found that risks had been considered, re-assessed where needed, and managed appropriately and that throughout the pandemic we have ensured good supplies of PPE, with stocks being continually monitored.

We have constantly kept our staff well informed and updated about prevention, and additional cleaning has been undertaken, with an allocated IPC nurse (infection prevention and control nurse) recruited to support practices.

The report has also found that people who were reported as high risk, were supported by consistent staff who took the necessary additional precautions required.

Contact with clients and their families has also remained regular, with people being personally informed of any changes to services being implemented.

To support our team throughout the pandemic, STEPS has recruited a number of new staff members and the report found that they received training in all roles to support the contingency arrangements.

We are delighted with the outcome of this summary report and would once again like to thank all of our team for their continued support, enthusiasm and commitment during this time.

We continue to take new admissions and are maintaining very strict cleaning routines and are currently barrier nursing all of our clients.

If you think that you or a loved one may benefit from rehabilitation, contact us on 0114 258 7769, or via email: hello@stepsrehabilitation.co.uk.

The Summary Record can be viewed in full here.