In our latest article, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about STEPS Rehabilitation.

  1. Are there any geographical limitations as to who can come to STEPS Rehabilitation?

We provide residential rehabilitation for neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, orthopaedic and other complex injuries and take clients from across the UK and overseas.

We have had clients from all over the UK, Ireland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Spain.

  1. How can I come to STEPS Rehabilitation for help as a private paying client?

You or a family member can make a referral to STEPS Rehabilitation if you think you would benefit from a period of intensive rehabilitation in a residential setting. You can call and speak to us on 0114 258 7769 or email us on to discuss yours or your loved one’s situation. Following that initial discussion, we will arrange an assessment and where possible we will always try to facilitate a visit to STEPS prior to admission. Assessments can be carried out over Skype in some cases if distance is an issue.

A pre-assessment is free (travel costs may be applied) following your assessment we will design a bespoke rehabilitation package for you.

As a privately paying client, you can self-fund your stay, or you may have health insurance with yours or your spouse’s place of work or other insurance policies that may cover some/all of the cost of your stay. In some circumstances, you may be entitled to NHS ‘CCG’ funding, which we can support with if needed.

  1. How do I come to STEPS Rehabilitation as part of a clinical negligence / personal injury claim?

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or accident, it is advisable to speak with a specialist solicitor to establish whether or not you have a claim.

If you do and it is identified that rehabilitation is required, your solicitor and case manager (who will work closely together and with you) will prepare an Individual Needs Assessment (INA) which will outline your specific rehabilitation needs.

In clinical negligence and personal injury claims, your stay may be funded by the ‘Rehab Code’ where insurers release 100% of the funds needed for care and rehabilitation, this will then not be taken out of your overall claim. This is the quickest way, but unfortunately cannot always be used.

The alternative is for interim payments to be deducted from your final compensation amount.

For advice on how to choose a solicitor, please view our previous article on the topic here.

  1. How will I be assessed before coming to STEPS Rehabilitation?

FAQ questions about STEPSOnce you have made a referral to STEPS our clinical team will meet with you to carry out a pre-admission assessment. This can either be carried out at hospital at STEPS or over the internet.

The assessment allows us to design an individualised rehabilitation package that will include your accommodation, all meals, laundry, nursing care, consultant care, psychology and a wide range of therapies.

  1. What rehabilitation packages are available at STEPS Rehabilitation?

We provide residential rehabilitation packages, for clients aged 16 upwards. We have a 24-hour approach to rehabilitation, through care, support, and therapy, provided by our team of rehabilitation assistants, therapists and nurses. The length of stay will depend on your injury or condition. We are not a long-term facility and would advise that the maximum length of stay at STEPS Rehabilitation is 18-24 months.

Our day rehabilitation packages are best suited to people who are living at home with a long-term condition or for anyone who is recovering from complex injuries. The day residential packages can support you as you transition home following a period of time with us or after a stay in hospital.

We also offer active respite packages, which offer clients and carers a much-needed break from their usual routines. Our clinical team will complete assessments and deliver a package that maximises independence during your stay and can be implemented once you return home.

  1. Can my family and friends visit me at STEPS Rehabilitation?

FAQ questions about STEPS

During the current Covid pandemic we have various restrictions in place for visiting we can explain. We actively encourage your loved ones to visit you at STEPS Rehabilitation to see how your rehabilitation is progressing and to join you for a meal in the cafe when there is not a pandemic!

Family is a key value at STEPS Rehabilitation, and we support not only the clients, but the family too.

We can facilitate family members to stay overnight in special situations and provide specialist advice and education around injuries and conditions.

  1. Will I have access to all the treatments at STEPS Rehabilitation?

We have created a unique environment at STEPS Rehabilitation, that enables our clients to access a wide range of therapies and medical specialists all under one roof. This includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and consultants in rehabilitation medicine.

FAQ questions about STEPSWe also have a state-of-the-art stainless-steel hydrotherapy pool, with a water temperature of 34 degrees on site.

As the only clinic in the UK to offer a residential amputee package (in partnership with Blatchford), amputee clients benefit from swift provision of their prosthetic or orthotic device, whilst receiving daily therapy sessions.

The therapies that you require will be identified during your pre-admission assessment based on your individual needs and goals, these will be outlined in your rehabilitation package.

Our specialists work collaboratively to combine their expertise and provide the best rehabilitation package for clients during their stay at STEPS Rehabilitation.

When you are ready to leave STEPS Rehabilitation, we will work with you and external professionals to implement an effective transition home or to a long-term care facility.

  1. Are you still admitting clients during the COVID-19 pandemic?

FAQ questions about STEPS

Yes, we continue to take new admissions and are maintaining very strict cleaning routines along with barrier nursing of all our clients.

During the pandemic, we have also established, new, innovative ways of pre admission assessments, delivering treatments and have employed additional members of staff to allow us to continue providing rehabilitation packages to our clients.

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