Following the first scuba dive in our hydrotherapy pool by STEPS client, Arfon, the fantastic team at Diveworld who made it happen reveal more about the accessibility of the sport.

It may come a surprise to learn that, with a properly trained team around you, scuba diving is a highly accessible sport. PADI, the Professional Association of Scuba Instructors, has always had an ethos of inclusivity, unless it is a medical risk, then anyone and everyone should have the opportunity to experience the weightless beauty of the underwater world.

We get immeasurable pleasure from scuba, not only doing it, but introducing so many others to this amazing sport.

We at Diveworld have wholeheartedly bought into this ethos and have taken extensive further training so we can offer scuba opportunities and experiences beyond the run of the mill to almost anyone who wants to join us.

We have developed expertise in the PADI system of training, without doubt the most popular way to enjoy scuba, training both recreational and professional divers. To extend our scope we also offer training and certification with DDI, Disabled Divers International. DDI allows us to extend scuba opportunities to divers who may not be able to physically gain PADI qualification but still want to dive.

These partnerships give us a huge range of possibilities to share our passion for scuba diving and the underwater world.

The benefits of taking part in scuba are well documented and acknowledged. Because it is a non-weight bearing activity, physical strength is not a major requirement. The range of movement possible in water helps to improve flexibility and muscle tone. The mental wellbeing achieved while underwater has to be experienced to be believed, it really is a case of leave your troubles on the surface and venture into the Zen like state achievable underwater.

We are relishing the chance to develop the partnership with STEPS to offer all the benefits possible through scuba diving experiences to STEPS clients.

We can`t wait to share the pleasure we get from scuba diving.

Give it a go! We are sure you will love it as much as we do.

Louise, Steve and the Diveworld team.