Lower leg amputees, both pre- and post-prosthetic, typically experience poor balance, core strength and postural control.

The solution is effective rehabilitation pre-prosthetic and Chroma is helping deliver such therapies to amputees to support their rehab journey.

Case Study

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) working jointly with Physiotherapy at STEPS, a specialist rehabilitation centre in Sheffield, is delivering both physical and mental benefits to amputee clients as part of the specialist amputee rehabilitation programme offered at STEPS.

Rebekah Keenan and Hannah Wright (senior physiotherapist) after discussions with the clinical director, Toria Chan decided to trial NMT techniques with physiotherapy interventions in a one to one setting and a group environment.

Rebekah and Hannah have seen continuing improvements amongst clients in their ability to walk further in distance with improved balance, speed and a more efficient gait cycle.

NMT traditionally works with clients with brain injury. STEPS thought it would be interesting to see how the techniques translate to amputee client groups, and Hannah and Rebekah have led on the development of this project.

This case study and the full article can be viewed in the NR Times.