Due to continuing growth, we are looking for nurses to join our award-winning team at STEPS Rehabilitation.

Our nurses provide outstanding holistic care to our clients throughout their journey, and work as part of a highly skilled interdisciplinary team.

We currently have full time, part time and flexible contracts available.

Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions by nurse applicants.

Do you have lunch and coffee breaks?

The team receive a 30-minute lunch break on an early shift, LD shift or night shift. You will also have access to short breaks in the morning and afternoon where free tea, coffee and toast is available. Every Wednesday afternoon we provide free cakes and treats for all staff! Lunch, made onsite by our amazing chefs, can be ordered in the mornings at a discounted price.

What Training is available at STEPS Rehabilitation?

We are fortunate enough to have our own full time Clinical Nurse educator, who is able to support nurses not only on the commencement of their role at STEPS but throughout their employment with us. This includes signing off of clinical competencies.

We also provide and fund many other training opportunities both in-house and externally for the team. Staff are given mandatory training modules which are completed and refreshed yearly. These include topics such as confidentiality, safeguarding, mental capacity and infection control. There are regular practical first aid and manual handling refresher courses. Nurses are regularly signposted to new training opportunities and courses and are encouraged to seek out any independently. If you were to identify any courses or training needs, STEPS will support you with this where possible.

What are the staff benefits?

All permanent members of the team, full and part time, who have been with STEPS for at least 6 months, receive the following FREE staff benefits:

  • 7% Pension
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance

How much of the therapy will I be able to be involved in as a nurse? 

STEPS works in an interdisciplinary way and all aspects of a client's day will have links to therapeutic care. Our nurses work closely with the therapy team to ensure an interdisciplinary approach is maintained to enable client’s rehabilitation goals to be met.

Do you provide any holistic treatments? 

STEPS is fortunate enough to have a well-being team, as well as being able to provide acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, Art therapy and much more! The services we provide to clients are continually evolving to ensure we offer the very best in rehabilitation care.

What are the staff to client ratios? 

Staffing levels are dependent on client numbers and need. At STEPS we respond quickly to changes in our client needs and will adjust our staffing accordingly. STEPS has higher staffing levels than typical care facilities which allows  us to ensure our clients are provided with the care and therapy required.

Will I be the only nurse on duty? 

No, you will never be the only nurse on duty or in the building. Overnight there are always a minimum of two nurses, one runs each of the two floors. During the day, there are a minimum of three nurses on duty, as well as our two Lead nurses, Head of nursing and Clinical Educator on site on most days. There is also a clear escalation plan and on-call system if ever needed.

What does a 'normal' day's duties look like?

Every day and each client are different! You will have medication rounds for those not self-medicating. Other duties will include liaising with GP's, pharmacies, hospitals and liaising with families and other members of the client's key team. You will help create and update care plans and provide feedback. You will run the floor and be responsible for providing guidance and support for the rehabilitation assistants working with you. 

Is there a progression pathway? 

You will be employed dependent on the position applied for and your experience and skill set. During supervisions and appraisals, you can discuss and set goals and aims in relation to skill progression. Regular pay reviews are completed and will be linked with your progression.

What type of client do you support?

Primarily we are a neurological injury and trauma rehabilitation facility. We treat many people with acquired brain injuries and strokes, and people who have poly-trauma injuries, including amputations. We routinely treat people with differing levels of spinal cord injuries, and are known for our expertise in this area. We also treat people with various neurological conditions including Parkinson's disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome and functional neurological disorder (FND) among many others.

How clinical are the nursing duties at STEPS?

Some clients are independent and require little nursing intervention, unless for first aid or to liaise with GP's or Consultants on their behalf. However, the majority of clients require our support. Nursing duties differ for each client but can include: tracheostomy care, PEG nutritional support, spinal injury related bowel care, application of wound dressings, supra-pubic and urethral catheter care (including changing) and blood glucose monitoring. Phlebotomy (not required for the role).

What is the staff structure for nurses at STEPS Rehabilitation?

There are:

  • Trainee nurse associates
  • Nurses
  • Senior nurses
  • One nurse clinical educator
  • One Transition of Care Lead Nurse
  • Two Lead nurses
  • One Head of nursing

You will be allocated a lead nurse or head of nursing for supervision purposes.

How do you work with other teams within STEPS?

STEPS has gained the exceptional reputation it has due to interdisciplinary team approach and family ethos. Nurses will liaise with different teams throughout the day. Teams include occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and speech and language therapy. Each client is allocated a specific staff keyworker from the nurse, rehabilitation assistant and therapy teams. They will then work together on goals, issues, actions for that client, including attending review meetings and jointly writing progress reports.

Do I have to be an adult nurse/RGN to work as a nurse at STEPS?

Not at all. At STEPS we celebrate diversity and think it is essential to have a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Currently we have adult nurses, learning disability nurses, mental health nurses and dual qualified nurses-with both a learning disability nursing and social work qualification.

Are there overtime hours? 

Our nurses are employed on either a contracted number of hours, or on an As and when basis (Dependant on what the nurse applied for). If there are additional hours worked as overtime and the nurse has worked over the full-time hours, then they will be entitled to overtime pay which is time and one third.

We also have unsocial night hours enhancements which are paid at time and one third.

Is there a supervision process? 

​Yes, there are quarterly supervisions and an annual appraisal for every nurse. However, at any time you can approach the senior nursing team for support, questions or any concerns.

Each nurse is also asked to provide monthly feedback via email. This includes anything that has gone well, any suggestions of improvements, anything to reflect or celebrate and importantly we ask for positive feedback for any staff member so this can be recognised and shared.

We currently have a number of roles available at STEPS Rehabilitation, please call us to arrange an informal visit. You will find a list of current vacancies on our  vacancies page with more information and details of how to apply.