We were delighted to welcome reporters from BBC click earlier this year, who visited us and our client, Ruby, to learn more about our use of medical gaming in the treatment of life-changing injuries.

STEPS Rehabilitation is using MindPod to support intensive rehabilitation for people recovering from brain injury, spinal cord injury, complex trauma injuries, amputation, and stroke.

BBC Click

On Saturday 11th June, BBC Click broadcast a news feature that focused on the use of medical gaming, and how new therapies are being developed to help clients on their recovery journey.

It featured our client Ruby, who has been using medical gaming as part of her rehabilitation programme STEPS Rehabilitation, which is the only clinic in the UK to offer a residential amputee service all under one roof.

Amputee Rehabilitation

Ruby was aged 24 when she was involved in a collision as a pedestrian whilst she was pushing her 5-month-old son, Leon, across a zebra crossing.

Fortunately, she had the presence of mind to push her son Leon out of the way, but she was crushed between two vehicles leaving her with life-changing injuries. One leg had to be amputated immediately following the accident, and she was left with significant injuries to her other leg that has required extensive treatment and a lengthy hospital stay.

Having regular MindPod Sessions has been an important element of her rehabilitation:

When I first came to STEPS, I never imagined intense rehab to include games.”


In her MindPod sessions, Ruby controls an animated dolphin, Bandit, who has been designed to promote the recovery of motor skills and cognitive function. The sessions help to improve strength, balance, and coordination.

The ambient lighting and calming nature of the MindPod, creates a relaxing experience for our clients, where their body will move instinctively without them thinking about it.

Ruby has already seen great progress whilst staying with us, and hopefully, it won’t be long before she can achieve one of her long-term goals:

“My long-term goal is being able to pick up the baby and carry him up and down the stairs.”

You can watch the episode in full here.