The Brain and Spinal Injury Handbook is published annually and is an important resource for patients, families, lawyers, case managers, rehabilitation providers, carers and all those affected by brain or spinal injury.

In the 2023/24 publication, Founding Director and Head of Business Development, Jules Shiel-Boulger explores the methodologies that underpin STEPS Rehabilitation’s pioneering approach to treating individuals with life changing injuries. The publication also features one of our clients, James, on the homepage taken during his stay with us.

“Our unique set up enables us to take a 365-degree approach to a client’s rehabilitation. From nutrition, to devising new ways of combining multiple therapies in one session, to creating a living environment that creates a collegiate atmosphere, no aspect of a client’s rehabilitation is left to chance” says Jules.

It’s this attention to detail and fully integrated approach that has enabled STEPS Rehabilitation to achieve a reputation for delivering tremendous results and helped to secure a multitude of industry accolades for its work since opening in 2017.