This week we’re saying a huge congratulations to our Trainee Nurse Associate, Zoe who graduated this week. Zoe is the first ever STEPS Trainee Nurse Associate and has paved the way for others ever since. 

Being the first Nurse Associate was daunting at first, but the team were so accepting of this new role which has enabled us all to grow and progress as a team. Having more Nurse Associates is great, and we have all come together to balance out our strengths and experience to be able to give exceptional person-centred care to our clients.” 

Zoe’s STEPS journey began in August 2018 as a Rehabilitation Assistant. Prior to joining STEPS, Zoe was a business owner with her own sandwich shop. She had worked in other areas including retail, child, adult, and animal settings providing her with a wealth of experience.  

Zoe excelled in her Rehabilitation Assistant role, quickly establishing herself as a dedicated, resourceful, thorough and fun member of the team. Zoe quickly progressed to Senior Rehabilitation Assistant, flying her way through her competencies, and soon started supporting other Rehabilitation Assistants in their roles, paving the way for Zoe to progress to Lead Rehabilitation Assistant. 

Following her success at STEPS, Zoe undertook a two-year Trainee Nurse Associate Foundation Degree at the University of Sheffield, becoming the first ever STEPS Trainee Nurse Associate. The course is split into work-based and alternative learning. This involves studying nursing at the university alongside her work at STEPS.  

“The course was suggested to me by another member of the team at STEPS. The apprenticeship program aims to produce Nursing Associates who can practice safely and effectively, demonstrating appropriate values and behaviours in a wide range of health and care settings.” 

Now graduated from the role, Zoe is excited for what the future holds. 

“At the end of the course, students will be regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. The apprenticeship allowed me to study and learn while at work in a setting which I am passionate about. Everyone at STEPS have been supportive throughout and having the opportunity to work with a variety of nurses from different backgrounds has enabled me to expand my knowledge.” 

“The nursing team were so happy to find out she was continuing to progress her career and commence the Trainee Nurse Associate course. Now Zoe has completed her training, she continues to wow us with her continued hardworking, resourcefulness and thoroughness to her role and position at STEPS” – Vicki Ridgwell (Head of Nursing) 

“ZoJo! You are an amazing Nurse Associate, and you always go above and beyond!” – Leah Anderson (Lead Nurse) 

“Congratulations Zoe, you are a superstar, you have always been amazing, we are lucky to have you!” – Joanna Fakayode (Lead Nurse) 

“Zoe, I hope you have had an amazing day. It has been a pleasure to see you grow and flourish into the great nurse associate that you are! But this is only the opening chapter - many more to come!” – Darren Bracken (Clinical Nurse Educator)