We were delighted to be featured in the latest episode of the BBC’s Con or Cure, where we shared some of the ground-breaking technology we have available at STEPS Rehabilitation, the MindPod Dolphin.

Presenter, Ashley John-Baptiste visited STEPS in September 2023 and had the chance to explore our facility, meet with our team and clients and witness first hand the incredible impact that the MindPod Dolphin can have when used as part of an intensive rehabilitation programme following serious injury or illness.


MindPod® harnesses cutting-edge neuro-animation that provides high-intensity and high-dose immersive training of cognition and movement in a challenging and beautiful gaming environment.

This innovative platform allows clients to control the movements of animated sea creatures, such as Bandit the dolphin, as part of their rehabilitation programme.

Based on evidence and prescribed protocols – MindPod Dolphin is designed to promote the recovery of motor skill and cognitive function. It can also be used with an anti-gravity vest that de-weights the arm and trains fine-motor control of the upper-limb by encouraging continuous exploration of its immersive oceanic environment.

At STEPS Rehabilitation, we are proud to be pioneers in integrating this transformative technology into our comprehensive rehabilitation service.

We are proud to be the first facility in the north of the UK and currently one of only three in the country to offer the MindPod Dolphin.

By providing access to neuro technology in conjunction with our specialised clinical expertise and residential rehabilitation setting, we are able to give our clients the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

BBC Con or Cure

During the episode, Ashley chatted with Lucy Wright, our Head of Therapies, alongside Specialist Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Scott Pearson, and STEPS client Dawn. They shared how the MindPod Dolphin technology is used by STEPS clients as an integral part of their rehabilitation programmes, and how we are using this to treat a range of conditions such as stroke, amputations, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

Ashley also had the opportunity to witness Dawn using the MindPod. During this session, Ashley was able to ask both Dawn and Scott questions and meet Bandit the much loved Dolphin himself.

You can watch the full episode here: