What is aquatic therapy?

Aquatic therapy is a treatment by a physiotherapist specialised in using the properties of water and who has the knowledge of the physiological effects of immersion to design a programme which maximises the client’s physical, physiological or psychosocial function to help individuals recover from injuries or illnesses.

Benefits of aquatic therapy

The unique therapeutic benefits of water include warm temperature for relaxation, buoyancy for weight reduction, hydrostatic pressure for cardiovascular function improvements and the drag resistance of water can help strengthen muscles as effectively as on dry land. The pool water temperature is maintained at 34-35 degrees Celsius.

conditions we treat:

At present, the clinic is orthopaedic and musculoskeletal focused and accepts self-referrals and referrals from healthcare professionals.  Part of the admission criteria is to be independently mobile (with or without walking aids) and to be independent or have a carer present for personal care.

specific benefits of aquatic therapy:

  • Orthopaedic & Musculoskeletal Conditions: The buoyancy of water reduces joint loading, whereas the warmth of the water helps alleviate pain and muscle spasm. It's ideal for early post-operative recovery, including hip or knee replacements and can be started in the early post-operative period.
    Recent research also suggests that having strong thigh muscles may help to lower a person’s risk of having a knee replacement surgery. Aquatic therapy can be used as a more comfortable form of rehabilitation as it has been shown to increase adherence in clients with knee osteoarthritis.
  • Sports Injuries: Aquatic plyometric training enhances athletic performance without the risk of soft tissue injuries, making it an effective choice for athletes during recovery. Water is also an excellent medium for cross-training when injured.
  • Rheumatological conditions: Pain and discomfort in joint movements can be alleviated by aquatic therapy. It enhances postural balance, and allows for functional training without the risk of falling.


new client appointment will involve ½ hr dry land assessment followed by ½ hr Aquatic therapy in the pool. 

follow-up appointment ½ hr one-to-one Aquatic therapy Session

self help / management sessions: Once ready to progress, our physiotherapist will provide you with a personalised rehabilitation programme and you can sign up for a 6-week self-management block where you will have access to the pool for ½ hr and will be able to do your exercises independently. 

Clinic Times and Details 

Self-management, group sessions (maximum 3 people per session) held Tuesdays and Thursdays 12.00-13.00

1:1 sessions held Saturdays 9.00-12.00

Prior to any pool course of aquatic therapy sessions, a 30-minute land-based assessment session is required (carried out on Saturdays only).