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24th Aug
Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation.
The medicinal and therapeutic properties of water have been celebrated for centuries. Being in water brings with it an array of both physical and mental benefits, which is why our hydrotherapy pool and aquatic therapy sessions are much loved by clients. In this article, we explain the benefits of aquatic therapy and share the experience […]
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4th Aug
Aquatic Physiotherapy in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation: a case study and technical article on aquatic treatment.
Aquatic Physiotherapy Aquatic physiotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic modalities used in the treatment/management of physical dysfunction, but despite an extensive research base it remains underused in rehabilitation. (Becker, 2009). Aquatic physiotherapy is a therapy programme utilising the properties of water, designed by a suitably qualified physiotherapist specifically for an individual to maximise function, […]
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14th Jan
John's Story - Bicycle accident resulting in Spinal Cord Injury
John Leather suffered a life changing spinal cord injury when he was knocked from his bicycle in July 2019. The accident resulted in him sustaining a complicated fracture to his right shoulder and paralysis from T7 (from the bottom of his ribcage). This case study, written in January 2020, provides an account of his rehabilitation […]
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13th May
STEPS hydrotherapy pool packed up and ready to go
The hydrotherapy pool is packed up and ready to make it's 700 mile journey from the south west coast of France where it was manufactured by Reval. It will be our supplier Innova’s first stainless steel pool to be installed in the UK and will come as a wide load, with a planned delivery for […]
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