We are absolutely delighted to share that our team and clients have raised an incredible £3,630.61 for the Spinal Injuries Association.

The Spinal Injuries Association offer a range of services to support anyone affected by spinal cord injury, who needs to access expert information, advice and support when they need it most.

As part of their spinal injury rehabilitation at STEPS, our clients have regular visits from the spinal injuries association peer support group, and we are delighted to help raise vital funds for the charity and their community.

Making a splash!

On Friday 25th March, STEPS team members, Laura, Zoe, Fiona, Susanne and Kerrie visited the Blue Planet Aquarium at Cheshire Oaks to dive with Europe’s largest collection of sharks.

After learning basic diving techniques with the highly qualified and experienced team at the Blue Planet Aquarium and a tentative wait whilst their team fed the fish, our brave divers took the plunge and encountered sand tiger sharks, guitar sharks, black tip sharks, sting rays and countless tropical fish.

Following the diving experience, Zoe Johnson said “The shark dive at blue planet was truly an amazing experience. The dive team were fantastic and made me feel safe even though I was metres away from a 12 ft sand shark. The ladies from sia were so supportive. I would definitely do it again for such an amazing charity close to my heart."

Susanne Herbst said "The Shark Dive at Blue Planet Aquarium was an amazing experience and I'm thrilled that I was given the opportunity to help raise funds for SIA. 

The Dive team were so patient and happy to teach us novices to how to scuba dive. I really enjoyed the lecture on the animals in the pool. Once in the pool you were always under the watchful eye of the instructors, which made me feel at ease. The ladies from SIA were super helpful. Definitely recommend!"

No chocolate and lots of running!

Fiona Whincup and her two young sons joined forces to raise money. Shane had no chocolate for a month, Charlie ran 1 mile every day, often before going to school and Fiona ran 100 miles in the month. They exceeded their £500 target raising a total of £579!!

Wax on – Wax off!

On the 2nd March, members of the STEPS team, Paul, Henry and Scott volunteered to wax various parts of their body. Their fundraising efforts promised guaranteed value for money for supporters, with more body parts being waxed with the more money raised.

We were delighted that so many people were extremely generous (eager to watch the boys suffer!), and their grand total was an impressive £1,129, which meant the three of them had silky smooth arms AND legs!

We would like to thank everyone who donated and supported our team of fundraiser and the Spinal Injuries Association.